Soft As Steel

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Inside Soft as Steel you’ll find A rich and diverse conversation about soft skills. The undervalued but essential skills you need to succeed in your life and every relationship.

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10 reviews for Soft As Steel

  1. Joe Myers

    Very Good Book!!

  2. Braeden Jacobs

    Awesome read if you are looking to increase your soft skills!

  3. Shawn C. Baker-Garcia

    As the CEO of a company dedicated to the optimization of international security assistance programs I found this read to be both validating and affirming of our emphasis on soft skills as a means to achieve meaningful outcomes. One does not need to be in the construction industry to appreciate and apply concepts provided in this book. Dennis presents a series of human traits/qualities that are intrinsic to the success of any given endeavor and shows us that these “skills” can be honed, mastered, and deployed at will to the benefit of all stakeholders. So excited to see “soft skills” getting the attention and articulation they deserve!

  4. Emily Hitchcock

    This is a must-have for anybody who wants to succeed in a changing construction landscape. If you’ve worked in this industry at all, you know how frustrating and detrimental to progress a lack of communication can be. I love that Soft as Steel crafts introspective plans of action for people at all ages and all levels of the industry. Whether you’re getting your hands dirty every day or you manage a team from an office, this book will put your career on a new trajectory that will change your life.

  5. John Posillico, PMP

    ‘Soft as Steel’ is a must read for anyone in the Construction Industry. Doran’s insight, research, and writing offers the reader an easy to follow, quality narrative about soft skills (people skills) in the construction industry. Often overlooked, soft skills are a key to success in the construction industry. ‘Soft as Steel’ provides evidence of this time and time again.

    As a professor of Construction Management, I strongly encourage those in the industry to read this book! I am adopting this text to supplement my courses and suggest other Construction Management programs do the same.

  6. Happy Customer

    Doran’s theme is quite simple and its amazing how we forget the simple things in our busy lives. Not to call the book basic but a call to get back to the basic things that make us human at any level, age and experience. I loved the book and the way its layed out. A Great Quick Read!!-

  7. Regamshopper

    Great book that tells the kinder, gentler, sustainable way to lead and succeed. It provides insight and a road map to better management. I am glad I read it and will read it again.

  8. Sidney Smith

    This book is a must read! It is packed full of great advice that is not only for those in the construction industry. Dennis’ sites examples that will help the reader maintain and create new relationships in business and in their personal lives. He proves just how important it is to build these skills and gives the reader a better perspective on their own life.

  9. patrick skodje

    Excellent reminder and helpful guide to anyone involved in a people business…which is all of us!

  10. MJ Kemper

    Dennis is a great guy with lots of advice!

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