Soft Skills Talks

As much as I’d like to think that I always have all the thoughts and understandings about how important soft skills are in everything that I do, I don’t. Maybe this is true for you, too.

We are all very familiar with the job site practice of conducting Toolbox, Tailgate, or Safety Talks.

Why not Soft Skills Talks?

So, add just a couple of minutes to the traditional Toolbox, Tailgate, or Safety Talk to focus on Soft Skills.

On a weekly basis I will publish here a thought, idea, or reminder related to soft skills. Each thought will end with a question designed to help you remember the reason we all need to be learning about soft skills and what your soft skills are.

Pause for a moment on the question, and then make it a point to share your thoughts with someone else. Talk with them about it and help them learn more about their soft skills.


“Come back soon to check for the start of weekly talks”

Construction industry folks are hardworking individuals who single-mindedly focus on getting the job done. They work day in and day out and put in their very best to complete their work in the best possible way – be it to prepare an estimate, to prepare......